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Nevena Tomic


                                                               CEO & Founder, La Beaute Fatale



Nevena Tomic is doing things her way when it comes to making a mark in the beauty industry.  As the Founder & CEO of La Beaute Fatale, a cosmetics brand she launched in March 2018, Tomic is committed to providing high-end beauty products made with only top-quality ingredients and minus harmful chemicals.  The end result…everlasting youthfulness. 


Tomic has worked in the fashion & beauty space for over 15 years at corporate companies such as Walgreens, Sears, and Claire’s.  She was a buyer for some of the largest cosmetic brands including L’Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon, Neutrogena, CoverGIrl, Almay and many more.   While continuously choosing and sampling makeup items for the store display, Tomic began to learn about the types of ingredients used in makeup.  It is through this role where gained the knowledge and product intelligence to envision a better future for makeup, where products complement the natural health of a man or woman’s skin.


Tomic moved from the sidelines of the beauty biz, to front and center where she could have a say in what ingredients were being put into specific cosmetics. She launched La Beaute Fatale, which translates to “The Fatal Beauty,” a notion that every woman carries an inner beauty that is powerful, strong, and destructive.  Within, the first two years, the company sold over 1.3M units making them a top emerging brand in the market.


Tomic graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Art Institute of Chicago followed by a Master of Business Administration from Argosy University.  She is currently pursuing a doctorate in EdD Organizational Leadership from Argosy University as well.


Additional retail and CPG companies Tomic has worked for include PepsiCo, Australian Gold, Publix, CVS, and more. She also has extensive experience working in the modeling industry including as a runway coach, talent scout for modeling schools and booker for FORD Models Chicago women’s division. As a former makeup artist for Estee Lauder, ColorScience and MAC, Tomic knows advanced techniques in contouring and applying professional makeup.

A pageant contestant for Miss Illinois, she won the “Miss Illinois USA 2012 Best Interview with the Judges Award.”

Tomic enjoys giving back to her community and supports Feed My Starving Children, American Heart Association, and the American Cancer Society








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