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Company Information:

La Beaute Fatale Cosmetics is a Color Cosmetics & Skincare company that was the official makeup sponsor for CFDA NYFW Badgley Mischka, Bach Mai and more!  Our brand has been featured in VOGUE, US Weekly, ABC, WGN, and more! As February 2023 New York, London and Paris Fashion Weeks are approaching, we are growing our team! The purpose of this position is to give you the opportunity to rub elbows with the largest names in the fashion industry. You will be working backstage, be provided with all images/videos to use for your portfolio and social media platforms and have the privilege of learning from the best in the business. There is no price tag for the experience that this team will provide you with, the goal is to help you take your career to the next level and prepare you for success in your future!

We will be selecting 200 - 300 makeup artists/hairstylists, 50 photographers and 30 personal assistants to be a part of the shows we are sponsoring for next year. To reserve your spot, please submit your participation fee as soon as possible. Once we have reached our participation limit, we will NOT be accepting any other talent to our team. We will set up a video interview once you have submitted your reservation.

Our website is and we recommend you study our brand mission and product line so you are well versed about our company.

Compensation: Unpaid (no travel or hotel accommodations will be provided)

Participation Fee: In order to reserve your spot, there is a $300 participation fee for each show you sign up for. The cost of each show is $300 regardless of your position (makeup artists, hairstylists, photographers, personal assistants). This is a nonrefundable fee that secures your spot at the show. The dates of the shows are not available as CFDA has not posted the official calendar yet. While we know the dates of the shows are sponsoring, they are subject to change, therefore we will be working with each of you once the schedule goes live to determine which show/shows you will be assigned to. Use the link in the email to reserve your spot. Participation Fee is refundable for those who cancel no later than 45 days before Fashion Week begins. Additionally, if you are not approved to join the team, your participation fee will be refunded within 24 hours of being notified.

Dates of Shows: In February of 2022, the shows for New York ran from February 11th – 16th, London ran from February 18th – 22nd and Paris ran from February 28th – March 8th. We do not participate in any independent fashion weeks as we only sponsor shows that are affiliated with CFDA.

References/Referrals: All members of the team will be able to use the sponsorships on their resume using the proper verbiage (which we will provide). Additionally, we will provide you with positive references and referrals when you are applying to other positions. 

Orientation/Training: One day before Fashion Weeks begin, we will be hosting a 3 hour training with the entire team to review all the makeup looks, hairstyles, concepts of all designer shows, discuss rules while on the job, times/dates and locations of all shows you are participating in. Dinner/Drinks will be provided at no cost.

Usage of Photos/Videos: All team members will be given access to our entire database of images from the season of shows you are working so you can use them for your individual portfolios. We require that all images posted on any social media platforms tag the photographer of the image shot, our brand and the fashion designer.

Nondisclosure Agreements: All team members are required to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements that state you will not post, share or discuss the shows you are scheduled to work at until AFTER the show has ended. Anyone who is not in compliance will be terminated effective immediately and can be held liable for any legal fees in the event the fashion designer decides that your post caused their business negative harm. This is extremely important to abide by and fully understand as a working professional in the fashion industry as designers take their collections very seriously with strict confidence until the day of the show.

Roles/Responsibilities: The makeup artists will be backstage working on models look using a makeup kit provided to you. It is required that you bring your own brushes, supplies and entire makeup kit so you can properly create custom colors needed to build the look. All makeup artists will be supervised by a Lead Makeup Artist the day of the show you are scheduled to work at. You will be given a makeup face chart that provides a full detail of the look with which shades should be used on the face and where. Additionally, you will be trained on this look on the day of our team training before Fashion Week begins.

For the hairstylists, you will receive a hair chart that outlines the look and which products should be used. You are required to bring your own products, supplies and full hair kit. In the event there is a hair sponsor, you will be required to use the products given to you to accomplish the look. You will be trained on this look on the day of our team training before Fashion Week begins. There will be a Lead Hairstylist the day of the show you are scheduled to work at that will be supervising and will be available to assist you if needed.

For the photographers, you are required to bring your own equipment. You will be given a press pass that gives you access to the press pit. Additionally, we will be working to get you backstage passes so you can get behind the scenes shots and take “first look” images of the models right before they walk out on stage.

For the personal assistants, you will be required to be a jack of all trades the day of the show. You will be given backstage passes where you will help set up makeup displays, check in our entire team at the front door, assist all team members with any of their needs, assist the Lead makeup artists and hair stylists, pass out products to artists, make phone calls, work with Press as they are interviewing lead artists, etc.

Dress code: You are required to wear all black (shoes, pants, shirts, sweaters, etc). We do not recommend wearing any shoes that are uncomfortable as you will be standing for extended periods of time. Dress to impress and rock a cool fashion look!

Seats at the Shows: All team members will be given backstage passes (photographers will receive backstage + press passes) however no seats will be given to watch the show. The fashion designers have very strict guest lists that entail editors, models, celebrities, influencers, entrepreneurs, etc. Given all team members will be backstage, you will be able to watch the shows from the back stage areas. Once the show has ended, you will be allowed to go into the audience to take photos and mingle.

We Reserve the Right: All team members are required to follow all protocols and rules we set forth. We reserve the right to ask any team members who are not following the protocols and rules to leave the premise of the shows. We require all talent to act in a professional manner as you are representing our brand. No refunds of your participation fee will be provided due to unprofessional behaviors.

Please follow us on Instagram at @La_Beaute_Fatale_Official and view photos from our previous sponsorships! We hope to see you there!









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